Sep. 16th, 2011

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this journal / community (it's a community that acts like a journal, effectively, and is built like this so i can segregate the essays i write by accident in my school planner from mental vomit involving rock operas and icons of the decemberists, which is the main content bloc of my primary account lemniscate) has a purpose.

purposes are dangerous, i guess! and very easy to lose sight of.

ergo: this is for essays; this is for political and philosophical thought; this is for things inspired by cleolinda jones and her technicolour essaytech and my desire to emulate her, or fred clark's meticulous dissection and startling moments of prose; this is for me shooting my mouth off and kind of deserving to end up on a sister comm to fw only no one ever pays attention to me so that's handy.

for a rough idea of what on earth i want to get done here, essays that inspired the need for somewhere to put them:
* why everyone's metrics always cut off at themselves
* why, no really, putting boundaries on the concept of citizenship is deadly and deathly and dangerous to you the one being a jerk about it
* the united states as a failed democracy
* mexico as a failed democracy
* your face as a failed democracy
* wait no not that one actually

...try not to take it too seriously, i guess.  if you want.