Sep. 17th, 2011 16:20
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what is this?
this is a way for me to go about figuring out what i think about things via vaguely reactionary essays. if you know me and it's stuff i've already lectured you on, ah, sorry for the shameless use of anyone near me as a sounding board? (note: not actually sorry.)
sixteen years old, from mexico, possessed of a big mouth, and utterly incoherent in casual conversation; also, a writer who occasionally attends school. the lowercase is not going away, sorry. we save that for fiction at lemniscate industries.
who are you?
why should i care?
you shouldn't if you don't want to, but having an audience is fun! if for some reason the trainwreck that is me sorting out my own thoughts on things is appealing to you, feel free to subscribe to this community, check back sometime, or decide it's not that important and forget it exists. i care, but that's because it's yet another fascinating new drain on the dexterity of my fingers (100wpm: a blessing and a curse).
when great satan's gone is a phrase from the bright eyes song four winds, which comes highly recommended. for where said satan may or may not have gone to, we at lemniscate industries recommend consulting simon indelicate or jeff scott soto.
when great satan's gone?
where do we go now?
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