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this is an essay i did for school last year; it was timed and on paper, so when i found an interesting train of thought and forgot about it that was that.

it does prove that i've been wandering in the general directions i continue to be stubbornly beating my head on for a while, though.

(and at least there's commentary, written shortly after the essay itself: hello, fifteen-year-old lemniscate.)

one last note: there was a point i meant to get at in this essay, that i forgot under the time constraints. and this was the flawed...ness of how democracy is taught-by-example in schools. at least in my experience, you get to vote on something (maybe) and not get bullied into following the majority by a cacophony of screaming peers with larynges, apparently, of steel (maybe), and the votes might even be counted (maybe) -- and then the ruling's probably overturned by a teacher who didn't like it, anyway. which is kind of skeevy, you know? that's worth its own essay, when i run out of other ones to do (i will never run out of ones to do, is the problem)