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whengreatsatansgone: a QR code, black and white. basically ALL THE SQUARES (when great satan's gone)

if you burned them all together you'd be close to the truth

still, they're poring over sanskrit under ivy league moons

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Name:• { thought as performance art } •
Location:also, Cassadaga, casual citizen of the Republic of Heaven, Mexico
Website:fictional babbling
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Community description:thought as performance art

still, they're poring over sanskrit under ivy league moons
while shadows lengthen in the sun

cast on a school of meditation built to soften the times
and hold us at the centre while the spiral unwinds
it's knocking over fences, crossing property lines
four winds cry until it comes

and it's the sum of man
slouching towards bethlehem
a heart just can't contain
all of that empty space
it breaks, it breaks, it breaks!

{ bright eyes // four winds }

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accidental bright eyes appreciation, apocalyptic imagery, comparing societies to acne, culture, drawn-out dubious analogies, effects of semantics on philosophy, humans are weird, language and thought, lolessays, lyrical references, mob psychology, oh look it has opinions, political systems, religion, semantics, sharing this interest, social justice, social sciences, the location of great satan, theoretical physics as theology, typing until i figure out what i mean
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